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Living on the Adriatic Sea, in one of its pearls, a city called Dubrovnik, gives you the opportunity to have a different way of life. Gives you the chance to use all your senses – all you have to do is close your eyes and breathe. Living here means living the sea, feeling the Mediterranean air on your face, in your hair, on your lips… Living here means eating fresh fish caught by local fishermen, drinking wine from sun-bathed vineyards and tasting homemade cheese with olive oil.

Every morning when the city bells ring 6 times, one old man takes his little wooden boat and goes on the sea around the walls of Dubrovnik. He knows the secret of life, he knows he owes everything to the sea.

Leave the rush and let go of all the stress while you are at Dubrovnik, just feel the difference on this holiday. Whether you are here for just a day or for the whole month, let your body and mind relax on the sea, explore the colours of the Adriatic and the beautiful views, hidden bays, romantic beaches and majestic islands full of culture.

It is no secret that Croatia is known as the land of 1000 islands, to be exact 1244. This is why sailing, cruises and other boating activities are a core fragment of enjoying and experiencing the beauties of the Adriatic coast.  

With our fleet in Dubrovnik you can explore the stunning archipelago which is consisted of the Elaphiti Islands and two islands that are filled with culture and beauty; Korčula and Mljet.

The Elaphiti islands consist of many small islands, however the three main are: Koločep, Lopud and Šipan. Two of the three islands are car-free, which means that if your looking for a peaceful getaway from busy Dubrovnik, these islands are the ideal place. The name Elaphiti derives from the ancient Greek word for deer, which inhabited the islands in large numbers. These islands have several sights that reveal Croatia’s culture and history, especially considering the Dubrovnik area.

Korčula is consisted of astounding beaches surrounded by the crystal-clear sea. Some of these beaches are Zitna, Vaja and Proizd which are considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Korčula is also known as the Marco Polo’s place of birth. So, if you decide to explore this island, it’s a must to visit Marco’s birth house!

The last exceptional island that can be reached by boat is: Mljet. Being considered one the most beautiful islands in Croatia, its exotic fragranced pine wood forests, countless vineyards, rich vegetation, turquoise lake and mesmerizing national park will definitely blow your mind. Therefore, if you are searching for an adventurous cruise with unbelievable views, that can only be seen and experienced by boat then this island is exactly what you are looking for!

In conclusion, with Karaka Travel you can feel this difference.

In our offer we have 8 boats with different characteristics that can satisfy every guest. You can choose from the smaller speedboat that fits up to 4 people to the bigger speedboat for up to 10 people, all depending on your needs and desires.

Feel free to contact us directly to get more info and suggestions for your vacation, our team will be glad to help you plan your time in Dubrovnik.

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