Here are some common questions about Karaka Excursions, Yachts and Transfers


What if the weather is bad?

The Captain decides if the weather is good enough for sailing, if not we will try to reschedule your booking for a different date if possible or issue a full refund.

Non suitable weather is:

  • Wind- entrance to the Old Town Port is too narrow and with strong wind it can be too dangerous to dock
  • Waves- if the waves are too big, we won’t be able to sail to the Old Town, however for some tours we have alternative routes that might be possible
  • Thunderstorm- depending on the strength and duration of the storm, for shorter showers you can always take cover in one of the saloons aboard the ship.
Where does the tour begin and end?
  • Elaphite Island Cruise:

The tour starts from Port Gruž (main new port) from a dock, in front of Obala Stjepana Radića 16 (restaurant Glorijet). The tour ends at the same spot. Pick up and drop off is available from designated spots or hotels Dubrovnik and the area surrounding it, for an additional fee.

  • Game of Thrones Tour:

The tour starts from Port Gruž (main new port) from a dock, in front of Obala Stjepana Radića 16 (restaurant Glorijet). The tour ends in the Old Town.

  • Sunset & Dinner Cruise:

The tour starts from the Old Town port (usually from the small pier, if its available). The tour ends at the same spot.

When does the tour start?
Where can I book the tickets in Dubrovnik?

We have two counters in the Old Town. One is in the Old Town port, on the right corner facing the sea. The other one is in the gateway from the Old Town port to the cathedral. Both counters look like the bow of the ship; Karaka. You can also buy tickets in our office in Dvori Lapad (Masarykov put 1).

Do you have a vegan menu?

Our choice of dishes is vegan friendly, however we do not have a separate menu for vegans.  

If you have special dietary requirements, please contact us to discuss the possibilities during booking your ticket.

What is the deadline for arranging transfers for the Elaphite Island Cruise?

The deadline is till 19:00, on the day before departure. If you don’t arrange it by then, you will have to come without arranged transfer to Port Gruž. Boarding starts at 08:30.

Can you pick us up from our apartment?

Unfortunately, no. In Dubrovnik we are only allowed to stop on certain locations, so we can only organize pick-up from the closest designated spot to your apartment.

What happens if the transfer bus doesn’t come exactly on time?

The traffic congestion in Dubrovnik is very often, so if the bus is a bit late, please wait a couple of minutes before calling the agency.

Is it possible to come with a vehicle to the Old Town port?

No,  the Old Town is a pedestrian zone, so you will have to walk to the port through the Old Town. The closest point you can get to by vehicle is Ploče Gate. It’s a 5 minute (downhill) walk from the gate to the port.


Can you smoke on the boat?

No. Croatia has a law that prohibits smoking where food is being served.

Do you have safety vest for the boat?

Yes, the ship is equipped with all the safety equipment required.


What is the capacity of the ship?

The capacity is 200 people, although we never board more than 160 people for Elaphite Island Cruise and 100 for the Sunset & Dinner Cruise, in order for the cruise to be more comfortable.

Do you use sails?

No, the Karaka ship is a motor boat and sails are only for decoration. They are not functional and can only be used in certain weather conditions because the weather can affect the movement of the ship.


Can I buy additional drinks on the ship?

Yes, we have a bar inside the ship.


Does it get cold at aboard the ship?

From April-June and September- October, it tends to get chilly in the evening on the sea. We recommend you always have a warmer piece of clothing with you.

Does the crew speak English?


Is there a bathroom on the ship?

Yes, there is a separate women’s and men’s bathroom.

Where can we stand on the ship?

The ship has four decks, two inside saloons and you can move freely around the boat.

Can you swim from the ship?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the ships size, we can only dock in bigger ports. However, wherever we dock there are beaches close by.  

How is food served on the ship?

The food is served by buffet on the main deck. The tables are located; we recommend that you eat inside.

How do I get to Port Gruž?

Dubrovnik is well connected with the bus lines. If you are going from the Old Town, buses 1A and 1B will take you from Pile gate directly to Port Gruž (when you reach the port exit the bus stop after the farmer’s market). You can also use an uber or taxi.

Can you recommend good restaurants in Dubrovnik (besides Karaka ☺ ?

Yes, feel free to talk to our bookers or staff to get any tips about Dubrovnik.

Are pets allowed on the boat?

Unfortunately, no.

Can people with physical disabilities aboard the ship?

Of course, however the movement on the ship will be limited due to safety issues.

Is there an a la carte menu on the ship?

Unfortunately, no.

What are safety measures for children on the boat?

Children must at all-times be supervised by their parents or adults that are with them.

Was the Karaka ship used in filming Games of Thrones?

Yes, it was.

Is it possible to get a non-alcoholic cocktail?

Yes it is, please be sure to announce this information during booking. Children are not allowed to consume alcoholic drinks.

Do you have tours over the weekend?

Unfortunately, no, since weekends are reserved for private hire.  

Is it possible to take photos of the ship?

Of course, its recommened, therefore we kindly ask to for you to use #cruisewithkaraka, #karaka, #karakatravel.  Thanks


On what locations do you have transfers?

Whatever location needed. All transfers can be arranged by choice. WE mostly do transfers from airport to Dubrovnik and back.

Do you do private tours with your vehicles?

Yes, our most popular tours are Montenegro, Mostar, the island of Pelješac and Korčula.

Is it possible to rent a car at your agency?

Yes, it is possible.

Do the drivers speak English?

Yes, of course they do.

How much does the transfer cost?

Depending on the route and vehicle. You are free to contact us and our team will reply as soon as possible. We offer a luxury service for competitive prices.

How many days in advance is it required to reserve a transfer?

If possible, you can book last minute, however we recommend booking at least couple of days before, due to an increase in demand.


Where is the departure?

The dock in Port Gruž, however it is possible to arrange another location. It is also possible to arrange certain pick-ups and drop offs.

Is the fuel included in the price of rent?

No. The fuel is payed extra after renting the boat, depending on how much fuel was

Do we get drinks on the boat?

Yes. The boat usually is supplied with juice, water and beer. In addition, upon request other drinks can be arranged.

Can we plan our own routes with the boat?

Yes, routes can be planned with our experienced and professional skippers. Our skippers recommend routes that can be changed depending on one’s wishes.

Do you have diving equipment on the boat?

Yes, we have snorkeling equipment.

Is there food on the boat?

No, however on the islands there are very good restaurants, to which we can take you. Have in mind that for certain restaurants reservations are required.

Can boats be rented without skippers?

No, due to safety reasons. According to the law, boats up to 10 meters require 1 skipper, boats over 10 meters require 2 skippers.

What happens in case of bad weather?

The skipper decides if the weather is good enough, if not we will try to reschedule your
booking for a different date if possible or issue a full refund.

How many passengers are allowed on the boat?

Depending on the type of the boat up to 10 people.

Can we go swimming with the boat?

Yes of course, towels are provided.

How many days in advance can we reserve a boat?

If possible, you can book last minute, however we recommend booking at least couple of days before, due to an increase in demand.

How does the payment work?

The payment is in advance and fuel is charged after the rent.

Who are the skippers?

We have experienced local skippers, who are know the area and boats they are driving very well.

Can we go swimming with the boat?

Yes of course, towels are provided.

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